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Anyone on the edge of trying it, try it out it's really special. 

My thoughts on it is that it's really special, dark, gloomy perhaps. It stands out from a lot of other visual novels. Its main "theme" is well done and not cringe. Unfortunately for me I'm going though stuff so I was only able to get through half of the game before breaking up and crying. I'll finish this game and this review hopefully 1 day soon. I wish the ppl that worked on this the best!


I hope you get better and one day you get to play this game. Sending you a hug!

Please give it a shot. It was amazing. Dont fear the bad end, in my opinion, its the best end of all. (Also the most wtf). This game is one of the best VN ive had the pleasure to play!

(Its also on steam!)

For those not being able to download it's also on steam. I was able to download it there!

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The full game doesn't work for windows and I've seen at least one comment saying it doesn't work for mac
Tis a shame since I really wanted to play this

I couldn't open it on Windows either, dang.


Hello! Some antiviruses delete the game once you extract it, so kindly turn off your antivirus first and redownload the game again. Some people also have more luck with the steam version. Thank you!


is there a guide anywhere? it's high time that I replay this game, but I'd love to go for other paths and endings. it's been years since I've played, though, so I risk making the same choices as my last playthrough.

Hi there! You can find full guides here and here! Hope you get to play the game!

can't open full game on mac :(


A stunning novel. And very sad! So far mastered only one ending, because it was hard to pass. :(


This.... messed me up man... I was not prepared...


The game looks very good, but it doesn't have Brazilian Portuguese :( 


I love this game but I hate being the bad guy, I just want Rosa and everyone to be happy :(


This game certainly was a wild ride but a very captivating one!! Really great atmosphere, art, and writing!

this game made me cry . i feel the same as the MC for me the mother is my mind and it keeps me away from everything.  this is one of the best game or visual novel that i have ever played. 

I just finshed this game and it was really good, I look forward to your next games in the future :)

damn this is very well made

i love it

Damn, thats really a good game, i felt everything, warm, fear, disgust ,love, anger... gratz i was not expecting this... good job, i love it ! 


Playing for youtube am i gonna have to censor anything


i know this is random, but what age would people recommend this to?

ik what age yall


Okay, so, I literally just finished playing and I made an account just so I could comment, but holy hecc, this is game is twisted. And I love it, and hate it at the same time? I have so many mixed feelings, I feel like I have to take a break and think about what happend for a while.

 I've read the comments, and I think the fact that I got ending 3 first time is why I am so shaken, lol.

 Awesome game, tho. It's really rare for me to find something that can have some sort of impact on me. 10/10 will play again to see the other endings (and also, the sex scenes were so God damn heavyyy, ackkk, love it).


Hello! I'm trying to play this game on my mac but it says that the file cannot be opened! :( Can somebody help?

Is it because the Developer is unknown? 

If it is, just right click the app and click open, it'll confirm are you sure and may need your mac password account. 

I'm trying to delete my saved files so I can start all over again (I really enjoyed it). But it won't let me! Please instruct me on how to replay it with 0% completion.


Best visual game I have ever played.

ending 3 and 4 are too messed up especially if you open the locket  °__°

(but i reaaaally loved the game, a masterpiece)

Hello, I have a request if it's possible. This is by far one of the best VNs I've ever played. Unfortunately my computer is once again out of commission due to a security measure wiping it when I tried to run Windows 7 on it [apparently it wasn't made to run Windows 7] now it's got no OS and is locked out of Windows entirely. All I have left now is my phone. 

My request is, could you please consider making an Android version of this game? I would love to continue playing it if possible but I can't afford a Linux installer atm and unfortunately Linux is the only OS I can put on my PC now.


I've tried to play this game multiple times, but I can't even open it after I've downloaded it

You need to extract it from downloaded file. Just click on the file and than click on extract here or extract files. Probably you will have to download winrar or 7zip to be able to do it.


Did that. The game still doesn't open. It might be my computer, who knows. Thanks for trying with the advice though

So emotional, loved every bit.


The story itself was beautiful , the psychological tugs and pulls are what made the game so good. The only negative thing about the game was the unnecessarily long dialogue. There were points where they wasted time on things that had no effect on future events. The problem with having overly descriptive text is the way it would un-immerse  you from the game. If you were to come out with a remastered  version of the game i would recommended keeping the paragraphs short and to the point, if it wasn't added to advance the plot it probably shouldn't be there.

Some nice illustrations in this game

You created a masterpiece. Best visual novel I have played in years. youget a standing ovation from me. Magnificent!

Wow.... I have so many things to say about this VN but I don't know where to even begin... The entire experience was just jarring and heartbreaking, yet absolutely amazing. Thank you for making this game!

Una novela visual muy entretenida, llena de suspenso y volvería a jugarlo 10/10.

A very entertaining visual novel, full of suspense and would play again 10/10.

Please make this available on Android. I loved this game on PC but now I'm unfortunately lacking a computer all together. All I have is my LG V20 Android phone and I would love to be able to play this game on it. It is one of my favorite Visual Novels.


Played this game a long time ago and I'm still thinking about it. I'm in love with the story. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing game.



its really good. i thought i wasn't going to like the third-person aspect of it but i loved it, as it was done extremely well. many (and i mean MANY) twists and turns. i didn't even understand half of what was going on, but i really really want to play through it more and find out.

its a wild ride. its great. everyone should play it. 

I absolutely love the twists and turns of this story i hope you guys are following along and will continue to join me on this journey of my first visual novel!

Thanks for playing! Awesome work as always!

this game has so many twists and turns! played this in one sitting. i fell in love with the characters, except mother. i wanted to be nice to rosa and she keeps patronizing her lmao i would def recommend this game to others. caught me by surprise on how dark this game got 

I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, Mother can be kinda b*tchy lol! Don't worry, there are happy endings!

This was a real joy once again i can't wait until the story comes to pass! Guilleme i don't know about yet and Rosa is a great story!

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Truly, I gotta say you're made for VN readthroughs! Your voice just has that rich quality to it! Thanks for featuring the game again!


This made my dick stand all the way up and I don't even have one. That's how you know it's a good game. Mannnnn, I must have gotten goosebumps at least twenty times while playing . Striking imagery and flawless sound design had me quaking. 

It was so much more than I anticipated, and once I started it I physically could not stop it until I reached the end. Giving this piece of artwork away for free should be a crime, but hey, I'm not complaining. 10/10, would play again. Wow was that a ride.

Taleetos, your comment made me laugh so much! I'm glad to know you enjoyed the game, and it is my pleasure to know the story made you grow a phantom appendage. Let's hope this is for the best. Hahaha! Hope you keep supporting us in our future games!

My first game of this type and im really enjoying it so far ty for popping my cherry on this type good so far.

Oh wow thank you for making a lets play and featuring us in your channel. Your voice is awesome!

I do have a question for the new version of the file how do I open a Rar on a windows? X)

You have to download WinRAR.

Ahhhhh  THANK YOU! :3 

You're welcome!!

Thanks for having a Linux version !

No problem! Enjoy the game : )

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