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Well, I was happily playing chapter 7 in steam version, got an error and can't proceed  =( 

While processing text tag {=iloveu} in u'{=iloveu}I love you{/iloveu}'.:

///more lines

File "renpy/text/", line 1155, in segment

    style = getattr(, value)

  File "style.pyx", line 216, in

  File "style.pyx", line 83, in

Exception: Style 'iloveu' does not exist.



CupidVN 3.20


Is it anything known? Please, help =(


i still find myself revisting this gem. this is top tier! i love how f-up the situation was as a whole. the shivers it sends me to this day! 

"I can fix him" vs "I can make him worse" lol

I was conflicted about the Mother character, but I'm less so now that I've finished the game. Enjoyed all the bonus/extra stuff! Really amazing and shows how much effort y'all put into the game.


10/10 for this game! It is heart-wrenching, but at the same time comforting! 


Didnt play but I know it's charming through the title, or maybe I'm wrong

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Edited: Due to a comment stating that the previous format of uploading was too spammy I decided to change the form. I will just put a playlist, thanks!

2nd Edit: Forgot to say that I really love this game and very excited to keep playing it! Each chapter always makes me says what the fuck!!! Excellent game!!!

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Bro its good that you like the game but do you really have to spam 5 of your vids here, just post 1 if you have to do your npc self advertising cringe. Don't spam them. 


First played Cupid in 2017. It deserves to be remembered as one of the best OELVNs. Full stop. Guilleme is one of my favorite garbage-tier husbandos to this day.

Just finished my first play of this game (got ending 2), and I really loved it.
I didn't think much of the way the choices are managed, the situation of only being a guidance is not new for me as I spend my free time often searching for hidden gems (or just hidden weird things), but it still really surprised me by how it was handled in that visual novel.
So often in choice based games, you decide of a way to be at the begining or as the story unfolds, more or less limited by the personality of character you control, which restricts your options in a way that feels natural if well done.
Thing is, often those games where you are just a guide, well you are not limited,  you are you and the only limit is how the character you follow will have a different opinion, but often will stick to your decision (implicitely the role you have in all visual novels then).
And having both at once with a guide who is a character on its own with a clear personality, resulted in something I never expected would happen : I would make choices that are the opposite of the way I decided to be, just because reverse psychology would realistically work to reach my goal.

The real twist is not the concept, it's to take that concept seriously and to the end will all that entails, I can't wait to see how it is when I'll play the game again with different choices, I have a feeling that trying to reach a bad ending will include a whole bunch of manipulation I am not used to in a visual novel (aside from those of investigation but we see less the emotional side of it).

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Dear Dev, I just re-played Cupid on Steam for the sake of achievement and I can't for the life of me unlock a single one. There are people who are confused too there. Will you look into it please? Thank you.

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Hi there! Sorry for the trouble. I think it has something to do with a version of Ren'py that did not mesh well with the Steam Achievement Libraries. We tried a lot of fixes but couldn't get it to work. It was out of our control for a while.

Fortunately, the recent update on Ren'py fixed this bug, and we're working on an update right now. Hang on tight.  A new version with working achievements is coming!


Heads up! The newest version is up on both and Steam! We've fixed the achievements and added an "unlock" button so you can get your achievements back :) Thanks for your patience!


Really enjoyed playing it.
You  get to know the characters well and get to see a part of their mind, sometimes you are shown that what you knew was wrong and get to see some turns of the story too :)
The story itself is interesting and keeps you playing as well

Liked every part of it tbh  :)


what fetishes are included?

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Sorry, everyone. I just deleted a comment that contained spoilers for the game. From now on, I will delete spoilery comments. Please refrain from doing so, since it will ruin the experience for new players. Thank you for understanding!

I just finished the demo! I loved it. It's amazing.


I had read Cupid on Steam. One amazing visual novel, with darker themes not used often in the VN genre.  


Are there any differences between the itch version and the one on Steam?

I'm missing the first two CGs on page 5, how do I get them? I've gotten all the endings and all other CGs, what am I missing?

Is anyone also having the weird problem of this game simply flying through all text without stopping?

Do you have any plans of updating this game so it works on Mac Catalina? I really want to play but I don't think I can because this game is a 32-bit (?) app.


Anyone on the edge of trying it, try it out it's really special. 

My thoughts on it is that it's really special, dark, gloomy perhaps. It stands out from a lot of other visual novels. Its main "theme" is well done and not cringe. Unfortunately for me I'm going though stuff so I was only able to get through half of the game before breaking up and crying. I'll finish this game and this review hopefully 1 day soon. I wish the ppl that worked on this the best!


I hope you get better and one day you get to play this game. Sending you a hug!


Please give it a shot. It was amazing. Dont fear the bad end, in my opinion, its the best end of all. (Also the most wtf). This game is one of the best VN ive had the pleasure to play!

(Its also on steam!)


For those not being able to download it's also on steam. I was able to download it there!

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The full game doesn't work for windows and I've seen at least one comment saying it doesn't work for mac
Tis a shame since I really wanted to play this

I couldn't open it on Windows either, dang.


Hello! Some antiviruses delete the game once you extract it, so kindly turn off your antivirus first and redownload the game again. Some people also have more luck with the steam version. Thank you!


is there a guide anywhere? it's high time that I replay this game, but I'd love to go for other paths and endings. it's been years since I've played, though, so I risk making the same choices as my last playthrough.


Hi there! You can find full guides here and here! Hope you get to play the game!

can't open full game on mac :(


A stunning novel. And very sad! So far mastered only one ending, because it was hard to pass. :(


This.... messed me up man... I was not prepared...


The game looks very good, but it doesn't have Brazilian Portuguese :( 


I love this game but I hate being the bad guy, I just want Rosa and everyone to be happy :(


This game certainly was a wild ride but a very captivating one!! Really great atmosphere, art, and writing!


this game made me cry . i feel the same as the MC for me the mother is my mind and it keeps me away from everything.  this is one of the best game or visual novel that i have ever played. 


I just finshed this game and it was really good, I look forward to your next games in the future :)


damn this is very well made

i love it


Damn, thats really a good game, i felt everything, warm, fear, disgust ,love, anger... gratz i was not expecting this... good job, i love it ! 


Playing for youtube am i gonna have to censor anything


i know this is random, but what age would people recommend this to?

ik what age yall


Okay, so, I literally just finished playing and I made an account just so I could comment, but holy hecc, this is game is twisted. And I love it, and hate it at the same time? I have so many mixed feelings, I feel like I have to take a break and think about what happend for a while.

 I've read the comments, and I think the fact that I got ending 3 first time is why I am so shaken, lol.

 Awesome game, tho. It's really rare for me to find something that can have some sort of impact on me. 10/10 will play again to see the other endings (and also, the sex scenes were so God damn heavyyy, ackkk, love it).


Hello! I'm trying to play this game on my mac but it says that the file cannot be opened! :( Can somebody help?

Is it because the Developer is unknown? 

If it is, just right click the app and click open, it'll confirm are you sure and may need your mac password account. 

I'm trying to delete my saved files so I can start all over again (I really enjoyed it). But it won't let me! Please instruct me on how to replay it with 0% completion.


Best visual game I have ever played.

ending 3 and 4 are too messed up especially if you open the locket  °__°

(but i reaaaally loved the game, a masterpiece)

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