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It was a good game


**Spoiler Warning**

This game was really unique! It was an interesting approach that different endings led to different imposters, creating a sort of game paradox. I was also very impressed with how you could achieve so many different endings! It takes time to do something like that, so I respect the work put in. The character sprites were also very well done, and the detail with the light source shading on them was stunning! Overall, a well-executed concept and pleasing artwork.

It took me 1 hour and 13 minutes to achieve all of the endings. This was a super original concept, especially for psychological horror. I can surely recommend. 

I have no idea how to get any endings besides 5, 6, and 7.

great hecking game, loved the art style, story is definitely compelling, a little dark but still some mind blowing stuff. I would recommnend checking it out. 

At first I was a little confused. My first ending was "The Cursed Hero" and second "

The Victim" it blowed my mind! but after another endings it just started making sense. Game is well designed and litte bit  psychological.  U don't know who u are until you make decision, and that part get me! <3

This game is AMAZING!! Thank you, i loved playing it :) 

I got “Who is Mike?” both here and on Steam, because it’s so good. The story got so many twists and turns. Even after I discovered all the endings, I wasn’t sure who was “real” anymore.


I just got all 9 ending but still missing 4 of the extra picture content, sooooo... idk. Overall a very fun consept. At first I found the entire thing frustrating but once I figured out the patterns it became much more enjoyable.

This was a really interesting game! Liked that due to some story elements we couldn't really use knowledge from prior playthroughs which is a different take for visual novels. 

Just played it and I LOVE the concept, lol I had to go through it a couple of times to really figure out what's going on but it was really worth it 💕

Really neat and plot twisting game I still have to finish it but I love the dialogue and the story great work!

Wow, what an intense experiment! I loved the art, the atmosphere, the story! Thank you so much for this gem!


Honestly one of my favorite visual novels I've ever played

The suspense was killing me with every choice and I could feel my own heart racing. Wonderful use of colors too, it really helped build the atmosphere

Hi could say if we are allowed to make youtube videos of your game and upload in on youtube?

If possible can you send an email at so that i know for sure^^.


This was a SUPER fun concept to explore, and it feels like there was no right ending to achieve, which made it even more interesting, you could be the victim or the villain.

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it surprised and confused me that the choices you make in this game not only change how it ends, but also how it began. really threw me for a loop! both my husband and i wound up bleeding out on the street(what happened to us???), him cuz he agreed to leave in the beginning(way too trusting) and me cuz apparently sarah didn't approve of me not lieing, which i still don't quite understand.

I think it's because you agreed with the other Mike? I choose all the options opposite from what the other Mike said, and then when the only options were to 'tell the truth' or 'lie' I clicked truth.


Hey there, here is part 2, got even more interesting and got me more interested in the game, i got 2 more ending, i just have to figure out how to get the other ones now, keep up the amazing work! =] 


Hey there, i played your game and made a video on it, it is super interesting and i love the artstyle, i got 2 endings in this part and hopefully get all the endings in the next parts, keep up the amazing work you are doing! =] 

Hi Guinverre! Thanks for let's playing the game! So glad you enjoyed it!


AMAZING GAME!!! However... I can't get the first, fourth, fifth, six, or seventh ending even with the walkthrough... Am I just not reading them correctly because some are very very similar... I just wanted to ask


I was confused at first of there being timed endings until I finally did something different that gave me the option to shoot but I really loved your game so much it's really suspenseful and loving.


Neat stuff and nice artwork. I enjoyed finding all the different endings, thought it was neat how the roles were inverted in some instances.

super crazy!

Playing More Of It!
I love the game and the artwork. The story is very intriguing and I'm definitely excited to play more of it. When I first saw the the game page on Itchio, which is where I played the game on, I was actually in a hurry to find another horror game because the previous game didn't work on my computer and I am so glad that this one does. Anyways, you can watch my video below and you can also go to my channel at if you want to watch my other videos or to subscribe. Also, comment on the video to let me know how I'm doing!


I love this game! Its right up my alley. Im not gonna explain why because im awful at explaining. But if anyones reading this for some reason, Its worth a play!


It's really cool. But I can´t get the final ending, when everythings ends happy and with the real Mike. It's hard because you have to select the good choices, and it doesnt say which one is until you continue playing. It's a really good story, I really like it

I'm having trouble playing the mac version

So, which one is the real Mike, each Mike near the end has those flashing red eyes.

So, which one is the real one?


Hey, umm, I've been trying to get all the endings but have missed a few. I read through the walkthrough and it says there are timed questions?! I haven't encountered any timed questions. I just played through again and sat there for every question and none of them appear to be timed. What gives? I haven't been able to get endings 1, 2, or 3, but I believe I achieved the others.

hey man loved your game

Very cool and well done,

Also i did a small series with your game on my youtube chanel

Thanks for playing, man! It's an honor! I really enjoyed your playthrough though. Keep it up!

Hi FERVENT just want to ask is there a difference with your games (Who is Mike? and CUPID) on steam or is it the same?