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Some nice illustrations in this game

You created a masterpiece. Best visual novel I have played in years. youget a standing ovation from me. Magnificent!


Wow.... I have so many things to say about this VN but I don't know where to even begin... The entire experience was just jarring and heartbreaking, yet absolutely amazing. Thank you for making this game!

Una novela visual muy entretenida, llena de suspenso y volvería a jugarlo 10/10.

A very entertaining visual novel, full of suspense and would play again 10/10.


Please make this available on Android. I loved this game on PC but now I'm unfortunately lacking a computer all together. All I have is my LG V20 Android phone and I would love to be able to play this game on it. It is one of my favorite Visual Novels.


Played this game a long time ago and I'm still thinking about it. I'm in love with the story. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing game.



its really good. i thought i wasn't going to like the third-person aspect of it but i loved it, as it was done extremely well. many (and i mean MANY) twists and turns. i didn't even understand half of what was going on, but i really really want to play through it more and find out.

its a wild ride. its great. everyone should play it. 

I absolutely love the twists and turns of this story i hope you guys are following along and will continue to join me on this journey of my first visual novel!

Thanks for playing! Awesome work as always!


this game has so many twists and turns! played this in one sitting. i fell in love with the characters, except mother. i wanted to be nice to rosa and she keeps patronizing her lmao i would def recommend this game to others. caught me by surprise on how dark this game got 

I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, Mother can be kinda b*tchy lol! Don't worry, there are happy endings!

This was a real joy once again i can't wait until the story comes to pass! Guilleme i don't know about yet and Rosa is a great story!

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Truly, I gotta say you're made for VN readthroughs! Your voice just has that rich quality to it! Thanks for featuring the game again!


This made my dick stand all the way up and I don't even have one. That's how you know it's a good game. Mannnnn, I must have gotten goosebumps at least twenty times while playing . Striking imagery and flawless sound design had me quaking. 

It was so much more than I anticipated, and once I started it I physically could not stop it until I reached the end. Giving this piece of artwork away for free should be a crime, but hey, I'm not complaining. 10/10, would play again. Wow was that a ride.

Taleetos, your comment made me laugh so much! I'm glad to know you enjoyed the game, and it is my pleasure to know the story made you grow a phantom appendage. Let's hope this is for the best. Hahaha! Hope you keep supporting us in our future games!

My first game of this type and im really enjoying it so far ty for popping my cherry on this type good so far.

Oh wow thank you for making a lets play and featuring us in your channel. Your voice is awesome!

I do have a question for the new version of the file how do I open a Rar on a windows? X)

You have to download WinRAR.

Ahhhhh  THANK YOU! :3 

You're welcome!!

Thanks for having a Linux version !

No problem! Enjoy the game : )

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Hey Fervant 

You know I love your game but Have you recently scanned the existing file on Cupid? 

I scanned the files  five times with windows defender and it came up with a virus. While this game does indeed work only on steam so far I Highly suggest that you fix this bug that is on the game. The one main virus that was found quite a lot on the game was the trojan virus which basically steals all of other computer users data. 

This is regarding the file on Itchio

If you were unaware of this I just wanted to let you know.

Still a mega supporter of your games forever 



Hi Maria! Thanks a lot for letting us know! I've uploaded a new version for everyone's peace of mind. Thanks for supporting us all this time and I really do appreciate your help! Let me know if there are any more issues through email: ferventdev Thanks again! ~ame

:) Glad I could Help FERVENT. Anytime. 

Also I will check out the updated version and play it.  I still love the story as a whole so several applauds to your team. 

Anywho Have an awesome day. :) 

Forever supporter


I love the music and art a lot! And also the depth of the plot. Pretty happy with my ending, ending 2. Curious about the others though! Not sure if they will be better ones

Ending 2 is the True End in my opinion, but The secret end is my fave cos it's pretty juicy hehe! Thanks for playing monkeydreams!


taking my first plunge into, but I found this here so I'm copy+pasting my 2016 review from Steam (with some changes):

I can't recall if I've ever played a visual novel before... I tried this one because I was in the mood for something dark and romantic, and it was free! So what was the harm?

First, I admit that I have only J U S T (as in, the last 60 seconds) finished my first playthrough and ending, with more to discover upon replaying and making different choices. I flew here to give a review, because I have to say...I LOVE this title. I had played 90min of it last night without noticing the passing of the time because I was completely engrossed in it from the first few minutes.

It hits just about all my buttons - very dark story and themes, supernatural and demonic juxtaposed against light and purity and hope, visceral horror and gore... Things that would have not been suspected of this title in the first 20min or so. My only cricitism at the moment, without more time to reflect further or more playthroughs to add more to my consideration, would be that the story was slow for a good time and then took a huge change in pace and tone in a very short span - I'm not sure if my choices influenced that, or if maybe I was lulled into a false sense of security by the quiet happiness of the earlier parts of the game...or if it's a pacing issue with the writing.

The writing is delicious. The characters are very well written; each with very clear personalities and multi-faceted...for good or ill. (that's a reference to...the story...not the quality of writing. it's hard to write without spoilers! I JUST WANT TO GUSH) There are many delightful subtleties to the writing. It was readily clear to me what (spoiler character's name) really was at a certain point, but this is hardly a bad thing - the fascination is in watching the truth unfold and play out, which was done very well. Horror and fascination and a horrible, ghoulish glee were all things I felt!

(this is where the art student comes out, hello) I love the art as well; clearly a strong anime influence, but there's more visual depth and weight to the characters than most anime-influenced styles. There's a delicacy to the linework that I appreciate, and emotions are conveyed clearly in the expressions used. The muted pastels in the overall color palette are lovely, and contrasting that with the harsh, dark colors of...more intense very effective.

I can't wait to dig more secrets out of this game...

This is a title I would have happily paid for once I had played enough to know I loved it. Thankfully, I wish I can support the developer and all who helped them thru itchio! There is so much more meat (pun intended) to this game than meets the eye, and so much work merits compensation. I hope to see more from this developer in future!

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Hi pinkensteins! Thank you so much for the detailed and glowing review! I'm so happy you love the game and we want to continue making more games like this. Please continue supporting our future releases ^-^. Happy holidays! Thanks for making our day! P.S. Wow I just realized you followed us here from Steam to support us. Oh my... You are wonderful! Thank you so much!

love the art. I envy you.

Thank you MariaDarkchild! 

no problem I enjoy your games as morbid and horror based as they are XD lol

Excellent stuff. Nicely written and the artwork is terrific, great job!


Thanks Mister!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi Xkiller642! You don't have to download the itch app to install. It's a standalone file. Hope you get to play our game!

Does this truly have virus? I am hesitant, because I think this game would be great...oh well, let's take the risk anyway.

Hi there Karen! The game is scanned with both Avast Antivirus and MalwareBytes and both came up clean. As of the time of writing, the game has been downloaded 6k+ times in Mediafire and more in Steam. Some anti-viruses just give a false negative on Ren’py files. If you're still worried, the Steam version has no complaints. It's free so please give it a shot!

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..... I am left speechless with its twisted story, the intepretation about different kind of love, and the characters' interaction.... and boy how much I wish I could go to Lethe so that I would read this story over and over again without crying ocean :')

This is the first visual novel i play in my life, and i must say: OMG i love it. The music, the characters, background even the story.  I cried in certain parts of the game, maybe it was the music (of course, i'm a crybaby haha) ... I do not know but I congratulate you for this visual novel.

I have played this game and i must say you did a good job. XD if you are a magic the gathering player like I am anyone. The part where the guy kept torturing himself with a figment looked like an Eldrazi version of his wife.  (that actually scared me like hell) 

 It's been a while since I've come across this visual novel, I can say this is one of the best games in terms of character development; you can really see it flourish through the gameplay. This is coming from someone have played a lot of VNs. 

From all the visual novels,I have played my most favorite is "Cupid".The story,the characters and the atmosphere are amazing!I have unlocked all the endings when I first played it on Steam.

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DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME YET, the possibility exists that one of these files contains a virus. 

is it safe to play yet?

It isn't. I got a virus through downloading.

i downloaded it from steam and it was fine o:

The version which was uploaded on Steam is probably not the same as this

Yeah I first downloaded this game from steam. It was fine. So it might only be on her that the virus is on one of the documents.


Cupid is an amazing visual novel that is both dark, heartbreaking, and engaging. It is geared toward young adults. (For those of you having trouble installing the game or reaching a certain ending, the creators have very comprehensive guides available. Look through their social media posts.)

The beginning of the game describes the life of Rosa, a wandering, poor, orphan who finds refuge in a church after the church's priest brings her in to treat her wounds. She is described as strangely beautiful and confuses the priest by offering apologises to an unknown entity.  [WARNING: indirect spoilers ahead]

Rosa is a captivating character who grows and develops throughout the story. Her best friend, Catherine, is another character who players learn to love, pity, and possibly hate. All the characters in this story are complex, wounded, and searching for one thing: love. For some, the love they seek is from someone else; for others, the love they seek is selflove. 

Cupid is a great game. One of the things that make it great is the way it uses sex. In many romance novels/games/stories, sex is a means to an end. But in this game, sex is both beautiful and terrifying. It is through sex that the truth is revealed and the downfall begins. Overall, we see into the minds of the partners in such a well-versed script that leaves readers hot, bothered, intrigued and fearful for one of the parties involved.

One of the previous comments discussed trigger warnings. This game is not for people who are triggered by: mentions of sexual/verbal abuse, suicide, self-mutilation.


why is my computer detecting this as a "ramnit" virus....? it won't let me install


I am going through the same problem... Is it still the same for you? If not can you help me with it?


Same. I installed it and my computer detected a virus. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS! Im currently searching after the problem and i'll have to destroy the virus if i find one, i really hope that this isn't  a real one, that'd be dissapointing.

Yeah I had to scan it with both Avira and Malwarebytes in safe mode and delete all the temp files because both programs only quarantine so I had to delete them manually. I didn't know this so when I just scanned normally the first time I ended up getting more "backdoor viruses" long story short just make sure you delete all the files in temp if you have Avira. My computer seems okay now... I do think it's a real virus. Sucks because I wanted to play the game.

My anti virus programmed scanned everything and deleted the probably infected files, i scanned the others manually but there wasn't something suspicious, but i can't delete three left  pyton files even though im the administrator which is really weird.. I researched about this game but i couldnt find anything ..

Played this game on Steam. Totally twisted and I love it! I really liked the idea of playing as the villain (or anti-hero, depending on route). Very creative, beautiful art and a fascinating tale.


why is it that so many people say the game is sexy? what is sexy about a demon crotch with teeth?!

Okay, I haven't played this game in a while, so you're going to have to remind me when the heck that happens. XD

The game is so good. Perfect Dark fantasy and sexy too :) Please more!

So many ways wrong the Eldrazi scared me 0-0

This game is so wrong in so many ways

this was endlessly captivating. thank you.


Respectfully, given the SHEER AMOUNT of heavy/dark content in this game, I think it's in drastic need of some trigger warnings. I wasn't put off by any of it myself, but there is SO MUCH both shown and implied for certain themes that I feel you really should put something, somewhere, so players who may have potentially been through certain things themselves don't have it dumped on their lap unexpectedly... after all, there's a vast difference between what one person is able to handle as "dark" or expects, and another, especially in a game that's so aggressively heavy in certain aspects as this... and no, I don't mean the gore or sex. :)

Other than that, I did enjoy this. The conditions for some of the endings felt a little arbitrary, at least so far as "why does X lead to this ending and not Y", and the big plot twist was sort of predictable, but I liked the cast a lot. I was really impressed by how expressive the characters were, there was so much detail in so many tiny tweaked character expressions that it made them all feel distinct and real. The atmosphere in the scene where Rosa was searching the room in the dark was absolutely fantastic and beautifully terrifying. Sound tends to get neglected in a lot of visual novels, and you did some great things here with yours. It's a little disappointing that so much of the villain's character and motivation is only delved into if you get that chapter seven for the bad endings, because I feel like it really sheds some important light on why they are the way they are, versus simply being a "monster", and it helped me understand them and sympathize for their cynicism far better than the long winded ethics conversations in endings one or two. But it's still a very well executed and engrossing visual novel, and I hope we see more from you soon!

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