CupidVN Version 3.0 Now Available! Huge Update!

Hello everyone! Thanks for patiently waiting for Cupid's ver 3.0! It is here! 

I don't have Mac to test it on, so will the Mac people please let me know if it's working? This new update is a major overhaul from the old game, so even if you've already played it before, there are a lot of things to discover in this new version! Let me know if there are any problems with the file, and I'll upload any fixes at once. Enjoy!

Here is a list of updates:

  • Browser Playable Demo
  • General Story Editing
  • Intro rewritten
  • Epilogue rewritten
  • "Origins" rewritten
  • Added New Sprite Expressions for Various Characters
  • Two new CGs
  • Compressed images to optimize space
  • Added "Guide" Link in Quick Menu that links to the Official Step-by-Step Guide
  • New fonts for storytelling
  • Optimized UI to make it easier to read
  • Fixed Ending 1 Connection Error
  • Fixed Completion Percentage
  • Added Links to Artbook
  • Added Links to social medias, blogs, etc.
  • Word Count - 62,415 (old ver) to 63,325 (new ver)
  • Mobile release in the works


CupidVN - ALL ver 3.0 235 MB
Jan 25, 2021
CupidVN - DEMO 49 MB
Jan 25, 2021

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Hello, I can't wait to play the game again! Can I ask if the updated version is on Steam as well, since last time I played it there (for the achievements) but already uninstalled by now.


Hi Nory! I haven't updated Steam yet, since I'm still talking to the programmer on how to do so! (I didn't upload it the last time). Once I update Steam version I will announce it here! Thank you for supporting the game ^^/


Hi Nory! We've successfully updated the Steam version as of today, so feel free to play it! ^^/

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Thank you for the update! I'm playing it right now! But there is something that has been in my mind. This is the 18th Century, isn't it? So it must be in the 1700s, but I read Rachmaninoff's piano arrangement of Liebesleid Catherine played was published in the 1900s.  If it's the 1700s, then Catherine should have played something in the Classical era like Mozart's, or if you want the previous era of Baroque then Bach's.

Thanks for playing! I wasn't very versed with musical history, so I just chose the pieces that capture the mood of the scene and what sounded good to me haha!

Oh, okay! I'm not an expert either, I just played a little bit of piano. The late romantic era of music Liebesleid was in is certainly my favorite and I understand why you chose the piece. Are you perhaps planning to let this be? Cuz if so, then it's okay ^^


Hm... Maybe so. I wrote the scene with the music playing in the background and transcribing what I felt while listening to it. It might be hard to find a piece that fits the writing exactly. Otherwise, I'd have to focus and rewrite the scene again, and that also takes a bit of effort and time.